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Terms of use

Although RainX1929  offers everything for free, we still have rules for users to create a game ecosystem, quality applications towards the goal of safety, worthy of a stop for every people. While it is impossible to control your actions while using the services you provide, it is still necessary to list the terms.

If you do not comply, if something goes wrong, RainX1929 will not be responsible for such action before the legal authorities as well as related parties. Hopefully, because of a strong, clean place, each person has a common sense to protect and have a great experience in his spare time.

Policy of RainX1929


As a Publisher, we will introduce to the community various games and applications. You can search and understand by introducing new features and updates whenever the publisher has a change. Along with that is the upgrade function that should have been paid, with RainX1929 you are completely free.

But copying the content, you must leave a link showing RainX1929 is the author. If we detect illegal acts on the content, we will take measures to handle and of course you will bear all responsibility.


At every article page about any Game, Software has an item for users to leave comments and questions. Because this content will be censored before being publicly available, you need to comply with content writing, do not use vulgar words, especially with false comments that affect people.

In the future, in addition to information such as names, emails we may combine with social networks to optimize this function.


For RainX1929, we always make every effort to bring you the most interesting experience when coming to the website from refreshing content to optimizing the fastest download time.

As a user, you should also contribute to creating a utility site whenever you want to download certain applications. Please show civilization, right action because that is also a way of silent support for the RainX1929 Admin.

External links

As mentioned, as the main referrer because there will be links pointing to the publisher’s landing page. We promise that all links originating from RainX1929 do not affect the security of your device.


RainX1929’s target audience is members aged 14 and above, if below this age you need legal guardianship or parental permission. If you knowingly violate this section, you assume full responsibility.

Our disclaimer

We hope you enjoy using this playground. However, there are certain things we do not promise about our Services. Except as expressly provided in these terms or supplements.

Certain jurisdictions provide certain warranties, such as implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all warranties.

We create the playing field, so we will not be responsible for any information posted by users.

We are not responsible for any damages that result from using the service or downloading content from our service.

Change terms

The change of the items in the terms will be studied to suit the time, to ensure it is required for users to enjoy the best utilities. Please visit often to know official information offline.

Thank you to you

In the spirit of bringing a private corner to everyone through mobile devices, computers, RainX1929 always wants to make efforts to make you happy when you entertain and reduce stress from the workload you are doing. Must be done daily.

On behalf of all members of the Admin, would like to thank you for visiting RainX1929, hope to support you in the next time!

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